At PsychoGenics, we provide expert preclinical epilepsy and seizure disorder studies and services to help you discover your breakthrough therapy. Our capabilities cover EEG and behavioral identification of seizures. We excel in developing, executing, and analyzing complex rodent EEG studies. Our proficiency in interpreting intricate EEG data provides you with a distinctive edge, delivering the evidence required to propel your research forward. Our translational animal disease models have been well characterized to allow trusted efficacy investigations, ensuring  understanding of your drug’s potential. 

Customized Preclinical Epilepsy and Seizure Disorder Study Design for Your Therapy 

Collaborating closely with you, we design studies that precisely quantify the effect of your treatment. By tailoring the study to address your specific preclinical research needs, we ensure the collection of robust data that enhance your potential. 

Partner with PsychoGenics to Advance Your Research

Beginning with our initial discussions, our dedication to advancing your research is evident. We prioritize building a foundation of mutual trust, leading to collaborations that can often span numerous research endeavors.

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