At PsychoGenics, we recognize the critical nature of reliable preclinical pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic services. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing both consistency and quality, all under one roof. This integrated approach simplifies project management, minimizes risks, and reduces time to receive your data.

Comprehensive PK Study Options for Dosing, Sampling and Bioanalysis 

PsychoGenics offers a wide range of options for your rodent in vivo discovery PK studies. In addition to standard dose administration routes such as oral (PO), intravenous (IV), subcutaneous (SC), intraperitoneal (IP), intramuscular (IM), we are skilled at surgery-assisted routes directly into the CNS space such as intracerebroventricular (ICV). We provide an extensive set of sample collection and processing choices for blood, CSF, and tissues, ensuring we cater to the specific sampling requirements of your study. 

Our PK sample bioanalysis capabilities for the measurement of exogenous molecules cover your small molecule and protein therapeutic modalities using our ultra performance liquid chromatography (UPLC) with tandem mass spectroscopy (MS/MS), electrochemical detection (ECD), or ELISA based assay systems including MesoScale (MSD) and Luminex. 

Combining PD Endpoints 

PsychoGenics offers combined preclinical PK and PD studies, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between drug exposure and its desired therapeutic response, allowing for optimization of dose regimens and prediction of clinical efficacy.  PsychoGenics’ full range of capabilities can be deployed to measure PD effects. 

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