Tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) is a rare genetic disorder that affects multiple organs, including the brain, leading to the formation of noncancerous tumors called tubers. These tubers disrupt neuron functioning, resulting in seizures, developmental delays, cognitive impairments, and behavioral challenges.  

High-quality preclinical research and treatment development are crucial in addressing the challenges posed by TSC, and PsychoGenics excels in this area, contributing valuable insights into this complex disorder with diverse clinical manifestations. Because seizures are a particularly difficult symptom for TSC patients, our EEG seizure assessments provide an important translational readout of efficacy for novel treatment development. 

Animal Models of TSC

At PsychoGenics, we conduct exceptional studies to advance the understanding of TSC and drive the development of breakthrough therapies. Through our collaboration with the Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Association (TSCA) and the TSC Preclinical Consortium, we utilize consistent animal models and testing procedures to prioritize potential new treatments.

Our research involves TSC mouse models, including the Tsc1GFAPCKO mice, which exhibit electrographic seizures identified by EEG and progressive seizure frequency. Our findings have highlighted the strong efficacy of rapamycin in preventing seizures and prolonging survival in these mice. By leveraging our EEG expertise and analytical resources, we strive to maximize the potential of your novel therapeutic interventions and improve the lives of individuals affected by this disorder. 

Preclinical TSC Studies to Accelerate Your Breakthrough 

Collaboration is instrumental in advancing preclinical TSC research. We actively engage in close partnerships with you and with leading organizations to deliver the next generation of effective therapies to patients. Accelerate your preclinical drug discovery and development process with the specialized TSC expertise that only PsychoGenics provides. 

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