PsychoGenics’ preclinical microdialysis services offer capabilities in single or dual probe microdialysis studies. With our in-house bioanalytical experts, you benefit from our full range of preclinical capabilities and avoid the risks and complexities of handoffs. We are focused on customization and flexibility. We can collect microdialysis samples for up to 36 continuous hours, and our analytical expertise allows for measuring levels of endogenous and exogenous molecules to provide pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) data.

PsychoGenics’ scientists possess unsurpassed surgical skills, ensuring precise implantation of guide cannulae, leading to the highest quality data. Our expertise and experience make us a trusted partner in the field of microdialysis research.

Depth of Preclinical Microdialysis Analytical Expertise

PsychoGenics specializes in vivo microdialysis, offering comprehensive insights into the dynamic changes in the extracellular content of endogenous and exogenous molecules in the brain, blood and other tissues of living animals. 

Utilizing high-precision bioanalytical methods, we measure neurotransmitters including, but not limited to, acetylcholine, histamine, amino acids (such as glutamate, GABA, serine, and cysteine), and monoamines (dopamine, noradrenaline, serotonin), and their metabolites. Our techniques cater to both naïve and genetically modified animals, supplying key data for neuroscientific research and drug development.

PsychoGenics offers push-pull microdialysis techniques for the collection of large molecules. This technique coupled with immunoassay detection permits measures of dynamic changes of peptides, proteins, and other large molecules such as α-Synuclein, Tau, and cytokines. Microdialysis probes with large molecular weight cut-offs (MWCO, 1000-3000 kDa) require special procedures for pressure equalization across the probe membrane to perform dialysis. We have successfully utilized several probes, AtmosLM (Eicom, San Diego,CA, USA), Brainlink (Brainlink, Groningen, NL) and CMA 12 Ultra HighCO (Harvard Apparatus, Holliston, MA USA) for the recovery of extracellular large molecules.

PsychoGenics employs ultra-performance liquid chromatography (UPLC) and mass spectrometry (MS/MS) bioanalysis, a cutting-edge technique that enables simultaneous analysis of endogenous and exogenous molecules in a single injection. This advanced approach allows for the generation of comprehensive PK/PD data in your preclinical microdialysis study, providing valuable insights into a drug’s effect on specific biomarkers of interest

By integrating both endogenous and exogenous analyses, we provide an enhanced comprehension of a drug’s effects and its relationship with primary targets. 

Psychogenics utilizes a variety of techniques for drug delivery to administer pharmaceutical agents either systemically (intramuscular, intraperitoneal, subcutaneous, intravenous, or orally), or centrally (i.c.v.). In addition, we use retrodialysis to deliver drugs to different nuclei, such as striatum, hippocampus, and amygdala, where the drugs can directly affect the specific nuclei and bypass the blood-brain barrier, avoiding peripheral effects of systemically administered drugs. Subsequently, we are able to analyze neurotransmitters in situ in the same brain region or in a different brain nuclei using double probe microdialysis.

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