At PsychoGenics, we are dedicated to advancing preclinical traumatic brain injury (TBI) and spinal cord injury (SCI) research. We utilize rodent injury models and testing platforms to aid you in the development of effective therapies. 

Addressing an Unmet Need for Neurological Recovery Treatments

TBI and SCI studies present significant challenges for which we are well-equipped. There is an unmet need for innovative treatments, and we aim to bridge this gap by driving scientific advancements and helping you develop your breakthrough treatment.

Explore these areas of specialization:

Comprehensive TBI and SCI Endpoint Measurement

To capture disease progression and assess treatment efficacy, we measure numerous endpoints. This comprehensive approach allows us to determine the long-term effectiveness of your TBI or SCI intervention and guide the development of more successful therapies. 

By leveraging both industry standard and proprietary technologies, we ensure the highest quality and reliability of your research outcome, providing you with novel insights that push the boundaries of scientific knowledge. 

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