Our synchronized Video-EEG system allows us to capture both spontaneous and chemical-induced seizure data, providing valuable insights into the impact of your treatment.

Preclinical Rodent Models of Seizure

To better evaluate your drug product, PsychoGenics employs preclinical seizure models that include Fragile X (FMR1) KO mice, 29SVEV mice, and CF1 mice. We use various methods to induce and measure seizures including our industry leading EEG capabilities: 

Fragile X (FMR1) KO mice are tested at 3 weeks of age and are individually placed in a Plexiglas chamber and allowed to explore for 15 sec. They are then exposed to a 125 dB tone for 2 minutes, followed by 1 minute of no sound, and then a repeat 2-minute tone. The mice are scored based on their response, latency, and seizure intensity on a scale of 0 (no effect) to 5 (severe effect). 

Mice are injected with PTZ and observed for 30 minutes. Seizures are ranked on a scale from 0 (no seizure) to 6 (severe seizure). 

PsychoGenics offers both MES and 6Hz electroshock-induced seizures. Seizure severity or immobility time is measured following corneal stimulation.

Translational Validity and Drug Screening 

PsychoGenics is committed to ensuring the translational validity of our rodent seizure models. We consider the robust construct and etiological validity of our models, as well as the intensity of the seizures they generate. This approach allows for reliable drug screening, yielding valuable insights that can be translated into clinical applications. 

Preclinical Seizure Studies to Advance Breakthrough Treatments 

Through our expertise in preclinical seizure research and the use of advanced technologies, PsychoGenics is making significant contributions to our partners and to the field at large. Our dedication to scientific excellence and close collaborations are unmatched among preclinical CROs. With our profound knowledge of electrical brain activity, we provide you with the insights necessary to make crucial decisions with confidence. 

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