PsychoGenics has established itself as a reputable partner in preclinical research for neurodegenerative disorders. Our depth of expertise in preclinical CNS studies combined with a diverse portfolio of rodent disease models positions us to champion the development of groundbreaking treatments. Together, we focus on tailored study designs that yield data of the highest quality. 

Our commitment to rigorous data analysis means not only evaluating treatment efficacy, but deepening your understanding of therapeutic possibilities. Our team of experts guides you through the study design process, ensuring the right scientific questions are addressed and appropriate disease models are employed. With a legacy marked by numerous publications and pioneering techniques, we possess unique capabilities like early-life treatment manipulations that are critical for gene therapies, setting us apart in the field of neurodegenerative research. 

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As one of the first preclinical CROs specializing in neurodegenerative disorders, we possess the expertise, resources, and licenses to perform studies that provide critical, quality data. With our robust neurodegenerative disease models and state-of-the-art techniques, we delve deep into the mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative disorders. Our comprehensive in vivo and in vitro studies, biomarker assessments, and histology tests provide a holistic understanding of disease progression and the effect of your treatment. 

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