PsychoGenics offers specialized preclinical research services tailored to rare CNS disorders to drive your program forward. Leveraging our translational research expertise, broad range of tests and rodent models, and customized, collaborative approach, we offer superior preclinical research support for your program to address the unique challenges posed by these conditions.  

Uncovering Novel Solutions

At PsychoGenics, our forward-leaning approach in preclinical CNS research is anchored in both traditional and innovative methods. This dual approach, backed by experience, enables identification of effects in our animal models, offering a comprehensive evaluation of your compound’s efficacy in the target rare disease.

Explore our areas of rare CNS disorders specialization:

Each of these conditions presents unique research challenges, and our specialized methodologies and collaborative philosophy ensure we are positioned to address their respective research complexities.

Tailored Solutions for Preclinical Rare CNS Disorders Research

At PsychoGenics, collaboration is at the forefront. Our scientists actively guide and consult throughout your study, offering tailored solutions to your specific preclinical CNS research needs. Through transparent and consistent communication, we aim to demystify every phase of the preclinical drug development trajectory. Our goal is to synergize with you as a true research partner, surmounting rare disease research challenges.

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