PsychoGenics is a leading authority in preclinical research for pain disorders, dedicated to advancing the development of effective therapies to alleviate pain and improve patient outcomes. PsychoGenics is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and resources to support pain research projects of any scale. Whether you need a small, highly focused study or a larger investigation, our infrastructure and capabilities deliver actionable data and high-quality results. With our extensive involvement in the Preclinical Screening Platform for Pain (PSPP) NIH project, we provide a comprehensive range of services, addressing an array of pain indications and offering superior insight. 

Comprehensive Preclinical Pain Research Services 

PsychoGenics offers a diverse range of services encompassing various pain indications, including acute pain, inflammatory pain, visceral writhing, neuropathic pain, and postoperative pain. Our expertise allows us to offer tailored studies to meet your specific research objectives. 

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