Electroencephalography (EEG) offers a valuable electrophysiological biomarker. The inherent properties of the recorded signals in rodents and humans are translational, allowing for objective electrophysiological data to evaluate novel therapies and help guide clinical trials.

Our team’s deep knowledge of the EEG allows for understanding the nuances of the signal to evaluate novelty and remove artifact.

Deep Electrophysiological Knowledge

EEG patterns vary greatly across sleep/wake cycles and across the circadian phase. While the tools and methodologies for collecting EEG signals may be common, PsychoGenics’ seasoned scientists possess the unique depth of understanding required to accurately execute, analyze, and draw interpretations.

EEG patterns vary greatly across sleep/wake cycles, and modulation of neural oscillations can differ across the circadian phase. Knowledge and understanding of these variations are critical for interpreting the effects of novel treatments. The sensitive nature of the EEG requires a clear understanding of what is physiological and what is not physiological, such as movement artifact or electrical noise. These understandings are vital for accurate interpretation of results.

Breadth of Preclinical EEG Services

PsychoGenics’ scientists possess unsurpassed surgical skills, enabling precise implementation of recording electrodes (surface EEG electrodes and indwelling LFP electrodes). Combined with our analytical expertise and commitment to customization, we excel at identifying EEG biomarkers and isolating aberrant activity following the administration of your therapeutic. PsychoGenics offers a full suite of EEG services for your study needs.

Our suite of preclinical EEG research services include:

  • Auditory-Evoked Potentials
  • Sleep/Wake Analyses
  • Pharmaco-EEG
  • Seizure Analyses
  • Longitudinal Studies
  • Power Analysis
  • Local Field Potential
  • Novel Model Characterization
  • Telemetry
  • Tethered
  • Piezoelectric

Study Types

Our scientists have extensive experience conducting and analyzing a broad range of translational EEG studies to support the progress of your program.

Mismatch negativity (MMN) measures the pre-attentional detection of auditory novelty. MMN is elicited with an “auditory oddball” test, in which deviant tones are randomly presented with 10% probability alongside standard auditory tones (90%). This important biomarker is a key measure in schizophrenia and other EEG-based drug discovery fields.

PsychoGenics offers epilepsy and seizure studies that utilize both EEG and behavioral seizure identification. With custom electrode configurations, ECoG, and local field potential (LFP) recordings from cortical and subcortical regions, we can record up to 64 rats or mice simultaneously. We identify the full range of aberrant hyper synchronous network activity from spiking and absent-like seizures (such as spike and wave activity) through full global seizures.

We conduct preclinical pharmaco-EEG studies to help determine the effects of your compound on brain activity, polysomnographic EEG, and sleep/wake patterns. Assessing sleep/wake patterns not only provides important insights on the effects of your compound on behavioral state, it allows for EEG spectral power analyses to be performed within each state (wake, NREM, and REM) which provides a much deeper insight into potential clinical EEG biomarkers.  

With our scalable tethered or telemetric (wireless) platforms, we offer custom electrode configurations for EEG and LFP from cortical and subcortical regions, as well as muscle electromyography (EMG).

eCube™ is a novel EEG-based drug discovery platform for determining the effects of your compound on neural oscillatory activity. This advanced platform offers integrated data collection of actigraphy and quantitative EEG (q-EEG), before and after drug administration.

Preclinical EEG Services for Any CNS Therapeutic Area

Our experience spans the spectrum of preclinical EEG-based research.

Areas of specialization:

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