PsychoGenics’ entire catalog of services can be applied to the preclinical testing of your cell and gene therapy (CGT) product and with experience from several hundred preclinical studies of CGT products we are your ideal partner. Whether it’s utilizing AAV viral vectors, oligonucleotides, small molecules, or adoptive cell therapies (e.g., mutated cell lines, or CRISPR-edited cell lines), our team of skilled scientists is equipped to support your preclinical CGT research needs. Some highlights of our capabilities specific to testing CGT therapies are below. 

  • BSL2 facilities 
  • Team of skilled technicians adept at direct dosing to the CNS space such as intracerebroventricular (ICV) 
  • On-site rodent breeding which allows for studies requiring dosing in neonates, especially important for pediatric models 
  • Analytical services for quantification of RNA and DNA 
  • Cell culture capabilities 

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