Visceral Pain Models

By utilizing chemical-induced writhing models and meticulously tracking behavioral responses, we provide invaluable insights into the underlying mechanisms of visceral pain and the potential of your treatment.

Chemical-Induced Writhing Models

In chemical-induced writhing models, we utilize intraperitoneal injections of acetic acid solution or phenylquinone to induce a transient state of somatic (visceral) pain. This provokes distinct responses, including abdominal constriction, trunk twisting, and hind leg extension, all indicative of visceral pain.

Accelerating Your Visceral Pain Research Program

With our extensive expertise in preclinical visceral pain studies and utilization of predictive rodent models, PsychoGenics enhances the understanding of visceral pain mechanisms and furthers the development of your treatment. Collaborate with us to advance your research and improve the lives of patients.

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