Preclinical Postoperative Pain

With rodent postoperative pain models that accurately predict clinical treatment effects, and expertly conducted assessments, we provide you with the data necessary for making well-informed decisions regarding your program: 

Brennan Model of Incisional Pain

The Brennan model employed in our studies closely mimics postoperative pain experienced by humans. This model enables us to observe pain behaviors in rats that manifest immediately after anesthesia recovery and persist for several days, providing crucial insights into the duration and intensity of postoperative pain and the effects of your treatment. 

Using the Brennan model of incisional pain, we assess the effectiveness of analgesic treatments in mitigating postoperative pain symptoms. By monitoring pain-related behaviors, such as guarding, licking, and vocalization, as well as mechanical sensitivity, we offer precise evaluations of your test articles.

Preclinical Postoperative Pain Studies to Enhance Your Odds of Clinical Success 

PsychoGenics’ expertise using the Brennan model, combined with our commitment to advancing your preclinical postoperative pain research, enhances your program’s potential to transform the field of postoperative pain therapies. 

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