PsychoGenics possesses extensive expertise in conducting preclinical studies on inflammatory pain. This complex condition, marked by inflammation and hypersensitivity, aligns with our proficiency in utilizing validated pain models to replicate and evaluate inflammatory pain accurately. 

Employing various techniques, including chemical-induced inflammation models, mechanical allodynia assessments, and behavioral observations, we offer valuable insights into the mechanisms underlying inflammatory pain. These insights propel the development of your novel anti-inflammatory or analgesic treatment.

Inflammatory Pain Models

PsychoGenics utilizes highly predictive pain models, carefully executed assessments, and detailed observational measures to determine the effects of your novel inflammatory pain therapy:

Chemical-Induced Inflammatory Pain Models

We employ well-established models such as formalin, carrageenan, and complete Freud’s adjuvant (CFA) to induce inflammation in rodent inflammatory pain models. These models enable us to study the acute and chronic phases of inflammatory pain and evaluate the efficacy of interventions targeting inflammatory processes. Endpoints include mechanical sensitivity assessments using vF filaments, as well as behavioral observations.

Driving Your Preclinical Inflammatory Pain Research Forward

PsychoGenics’ industry-leading models and comprehensive assessments deliver deep insights that propel your preclinical inflammatory pain research toward the clinical stage of development. Partner with us to unlock your program’s potential and advance your treatment. 

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