MIA Model of Osteoarthritis

PsychoGenics has expertise in preclinical osteoarthritis pain studies, offering the monoiodoacetate (MIA) model in the rat to facilitate screening and profiling of your therapeutic assets. We have identified two pain evaluation tests in the MIA model that reliably respond to standard-of-care pharmacology: hind paw tactile sensitivity test and dynamic weight bearing test. The MIA model and deployed tests allow us to accurately measure pain responses and provide valuable insights into the single- and repeat-dose efficacy of your novel therapy for osteoarthritis pain.

Advance Your Preclinical Osteoarthritis Pain Research with Our Expertise 

With our proficiency in osteoarthritis pain models and the meticulous execution of pain assessments, PsychoGenics offers invaluable insights into pain mechanisms and the evaluation of potential analgesics. Engage with us to advance your preclinical osteoarthritis pain research and develop effective treatments. 

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