Approximately 2% of individuals with autism carry detrimental mutations in the SHANK3 gene, which plays a crucial role in organizing neuronal connections. ASD is a multifaceted neurodevelopmental condition characterized by challenges in social interaction, communication, and behavior. At PsychoGenics, we offer a well-validated Shank3B-KO mouse model.

The Shank3B-KO Mouse Model

The Shank3B-KO mice harbor a deletion of exons 13-16 in the PDZ domains, resulting in the absence of Shank3α and Shank3β isoforms and partial deletion of Shank3γ. These mice exhibit a range of behavioral abnormalities associated with autism spectrum disorder: 

  • Social deficits
  • Decreased activity and locomotion
  • Altered gait patterns
  • Anxiety-like behaviors
  • Modified startle responses and increased pre-pulse inhibition

Partnering to Optimize Your Preclinical ASD Research 

Through behavioral assessments and comprehensive analysis, PsychoGenics enables vital insights into the molecular and behavioral aspects of autism spectrum disorder. Collaborate with us to push the boundaries of preclinical ASD research and accelerate your progress. 

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