At PsychoGenics, we are at the forefront of preclinical traumatic brain injury (TBI) studies, utilizing rodent injury models to accelerate the development of effective therapies for this silent epidemic. 

Preclinical TBI Model Expertise 

PsychoGenics employs the controlled cortical impact Injury (CCI) model to simulate and evaluate the complexities of traumatic brain injury. This model can be used to evaluate novel therapies. 

Comprehensive Behavioral Testing and Pathology Endpoints for Preclinical TBI Studies 

We conduct a broad spectrum of preclinical post-traumatic behavioral tests and pathology evaluations to comprehensively evaluate the efficacy of your therapy. By assessing various behavioral endpoints in correlation with pathology, you gain valuable insights into the potential of your interventions to restore cognitive and functional abilities in individuals with TBI. 

  • Beam Balance
  • RotaRod
  • Grip Strength
  • Locomotor Activity
  • Morris Water Maze
  • Gait Analysis
  • Novel Object Recognition 
  • Spontaneous Alternation 
  • Elevated Plus Maze 
  • Forced Swim 
  • Conditioned Fear 

Preclinical Testing for TBI Therapeutic Efficacy 

Thorough preclinical testing is essential to assess the efficacy of your TBI treatment. Through rigorous evaluation and validation, PsychoGenics provides a solid foundation of preclinical evidence, giving your clinical candidate its best odds of success. 

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