PsychoGenics leverages rigorous, well-validated testing methods to conduct the highest-quality preclinical depression studies for your innovative treatment. Rooted in a deep understanding of depression and its underlying mechanisms, PsychoGenics is equipped with a diverse range of preclinical tests designed to catalyze your research breakthroughs.

Validated Tests for Depression

PsychoGenics’ comprehensive battery of behavioral assessments offers a thorough preclinical evaluation of depressive-like behaviors and gauges the effectiveness of prospective treatments: 

  • Forced Swim Test 
  • Tail Suspension Test 
  • Marble Burying Test 
  • Novelty Suppressed Feeding 
  • Differential Reinforcement of Low Rate – 72 second schedule 
  • Chronic Social Defeat Stress

Your Trusted Partner for Preclinical Depression Research

Partner with PsychoGenics to advance your preclinical depression program and contribute to the discovery of transformative therapies for individuals battling this pervasive mental health disorder.

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