SmartCube® SmartCube is a platform that provides a sequence of challenges to a mouse, extracts more than 2000 features during a session and using proprietary bioinformatics detects the potential of compounds to treat psychiatric disorders in an unbiased way by comparing their complex behavioral profiles with those from a proprietary reference database.

SmartCube® can also be used to phenotype disease models such as neurodegenerative disorders (ALS, Huntington’s, list all), and pain models. Changes are frequently detected much earlier than using standard behavioral tests and allow assessment of investigational compounds on their ability to reverse critical features of a disease model prior to the stage when clinical signs fully develop and become irreversible.


  • Unbiased – Computer vision algorithms and bioinformatics eliminate human intervention and subjectivity
  • High throughput – can test tens of thousands of compounds for CNS activity in a year.
  • High content – thousands of features are collected and proprietary bioinformatics algorithms are employed to detect drug effect or subtle phenotypic differences associated with a disease model.

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