Proprietary Drug Discovery Platforms

High Throughput, High Content Drug Discovery

The discovery platforms combine robotics, computer vision, machine learning and bioinformatics to capture and analyze data that can be distilled into a behavioral signature for a given compound or a behavioral phenotype for a disease model.


  • Unbiased – Computer vision algorithms and bioinformatics eliminate human intervention and subjectivity.
  • High throughput – can screen test tens of thousands of compounds for CNS activity in a year.
  • High content – thousands of features are collected and proprietary bioinformatic algorithms are employed to detect drug effects or subtle phenotypic differences associated with a disease model.


  • Screening compounds from diverse libraries.
  • Repurposing compounds that are discontinued (for reasons other than safety) or currently being developed for other indications, including non-CNS indications.
  • Assessing compound combinations for new or improved efficacy.
  • Behavior Driven Lead Optimization.
  • Disease model characterization, including phenotyping transgenics models or characterization of pharmacological, chemical, surgical interventions.

Drug Discovery

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