Career Opportunities

Project Manager

Championing and facilitating communications between PsychoGenics and Client, with a focus on building positive relationships.

  • Communicating with Client on studies, issues, deliverables and services provided, with Client, Client collaborators, and within the PsychoGenics team.
  • Asking critical questions to ensure key points/issues are considered by the stake holders.
  • Responding to crisis/criticism in timely and business proper fashion.
  • Bridging Client “wants” & PsychoGenics’ offerings.

Leading CHDI Foundation-related business processes/operations.

  • Leading Client business operations efforts for each team by setting a framework for routine processes and cultivating an open communication environment for the non-routine matters
  • Leading monthly meetings for action items updates, study planning and data updates. Preparing & organizing presentations templates and meeting minutes
  • Monitoring, evaluating and improving current processes
  • Developing and reporting FTEs forecast/pricing system across PsychoGenics groups to ensure consistency in study forecast.
  • Uploading Client portal for PsychoGenics team, including monthly process maps and critical documents
  • Reviewing, approving and executing study proposals, reports and other relevant documents
  • Tracking and reporting
  •         o  Deliverables and provided Materials
            o  Resource allocations
            o  Publication queues
  • Engaging/contributing in Scientific discussions when appropriate

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: (Essential or minimum qualifications needed to do your job.)

Bachelor degree with 3-5 years’ experience or advanced degree in Science (Master Degree), knowledge of general Neuroscience, excellent organization and interpersonal skills, excellent presentation and communication skills, ability to prioritize and execute tasks effectively and efficiently, great command of computer applications, ability to excel in fast paced, rapid changing environment, attention to detail.


MBA or previous business operations experience, experience with financial forecasts, risk/crisis management and mitigation, previous CRO operation strongly preferred, ability to understand “big picture”, business development a plus.

To apply for the position please send your resume to

Scientist - Head of Data Science

We are seeking a motivated group leader for our Scientific Informatics group with expertise in bioinformatics, machine learning and with software development experience. We have a great opportunity to lead the development of informatics projects and to design/prototype original ideas and solutions for a leading Contract Research Organization. In this role you will beleading a small Informatics team responsible for custom databases, software and analysis tools that underpin the company’s SmartCube®, PhenoCube® and NeuroCube® drug discovery platforms, and associated technologies. The successful candidate will be responsible for managing a group that includes software developers, computational scientists, and biologists and will collaborate with internal and external scientists. This work will be done in a team environment with constant communication among team members as well as with internal and external clients. The work environment requires effective time management, multi-tasking and delivery of high quality work on multiple projects. Your ability to communicate is one of the key components to your success in this position.

1  Develop and manage the Scientific Informatics group.

  • Develop research proposals for customers
  • Manage staff, providing clear goals and objectives
  • Ensure the timely delivery of projects for internal and external customers

2   Develop proprietary Machine Learning algorithms and Analytical Models for CRO,       internal and partnered Drug Discovery programs.

  • Design accurate, robust and efficient algorithms for classification of drug effects and phenotyping. Develop new dimensionality reduction and machine learning regression methods, design and implement novel non-linear prediction techniques

3   Direct implementation and deployment of computational tools, supervise integrated       database development and maintain existing behavioral capture technologies.

4   Communicate your solutions to the members of the executive team, clients and        partners.


  • PhD in BioInformatics or related discipline. Solid knowledge of Machine Learning methods and deep understanding of data-mining practices. Proven track record of building robust pattern recognition systems. Strong background in mathematics and probability theory. Excellent knowledge in high-level scientific programming languages (e.g. MATLAB or R) for quick data-mining method prototyping.
  • Experience in leading Object-Oriented software development projects. Knowledge of best large-scale industrial software development practices.
  • Experience managing a diverse team of software developers, data analysts and biologists.
  • Experience with the development of research proposals, and demonstrated success delivering complex informatics projects on a specified timeline.
  • Experience in guiding informatics-driven drug discovery effort. Basic familiarity with the underlying sciences (CNS chemistry and biology, neurobiology, basic pharmacology).
  • Very strong inter-personal and communication skills.

To apply for the position please send your resume to

Scientist - In vitro electrophysiologist

We are seeking a well-trained in vitro electrophysiologist, with experience in preparing and recording from rodent brain slices. Patch-clamp expertise is required, as well as a working understanding of both neuroanatomy and neuropharmacology. Familiarity with LTP paradigms and synaptic plasticity would be highly valued but not required. The candidate should be flexible in terms of working on scientifically diverse projects, and should be comfortable working independently, including a facility with data analysis and presentation of results.

Candidates with a PHD are preferred; candidates with BA and MA degrees with at least 5 years of professional experience will also be considered. Job title and compensation will be commensurate with experience.

To apply for the position please send your resume to Afshin.Ghavami@PsychoGenics

Scientist - In vivo Electrophysiology

Qualified candidate we are looking for should be a motivated, talented and disciplined scientist having expertise with in vivo single unit (extracellular) and Field potential recordings. Applicants must possess a Ph.D. degree in Neuroscience or a related field, or MS with at least 5 to 10 years of experience. Superior communication skills and a demonstrated record of accomplishment are a must.

Design and perform experiments using In vivo extracellular recording; Microiontophoresis/micropressure drug delivery; Excellent Stereotaxic and general surgery skills are a must; Hands on experience with animal handling, tissue collecting and blood sampling, dosing using different routes (IV, IP, PO) are required. Ensure that presentations and reports are available to clients in a timely manner. Contribute to manuscript preparation as needed. Train and supervise scientists as needed.

Major plus: Experience with surface and deep EEG in rodents, and especially knowledge in EEG signals analysis experience. Experience with In vivo electrophysiology in preclinical models of neuropathic pain.

To apply for the position please send your resume to Afshin.Ghavami@PsychoGenics

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